RF Engineering Certificate - Certifications for Radio Frequency

Rahsoft Radio Frequency Certificate

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How to become a RF IC Engineer?

At the end of this certificate you will :

  1. Learn basics of Radio Frequency.
  2. Learn fundamentals of communication and different modulations.
  3. Learn what are the fundamental topics in designing RF systems.
  4. Learn what are the RF blocks on designing Transceivers.
  5. Learn what are the RF blocks on designing Receivers.
  6. Learn what are the RF blocks on designing Transmitters.
  7. Learn software needed for characterizing RF systems.
  8. Learn Keysight Advanced Design System for designing and characterizing RF IC modules.
  9. Learn fundamentals of Microwave Amplifier design
  10. Learn what are the fundamentals of designing and characterizing a Low Noise Amplifier Systems.
  11. Simulate over ten different LNA RF IC topologies
  12. Simulate different LNA typologies and build a powerful portfolio in Low Noise Amplifier IC design to use at work or add to your resume.

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