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Radio Frequency Certificate

Our entry level courses are also provided through Udemy website which is a third party with their own independent review process. We proudly have over 2800 actual review with over 4.2 star rating. Please refer to the below link for all (positive and negative) reviews We have students whom have been able to land jobs at Apple, Qualcomm, Skyworks, Northrop Grumman and many other companies however the credit goes all to them for the hard work and consistency in studies and applying.
We do have corporate packages and trainings. Since we have over 7000 RF students We have students who are working in different companies from semiconductor companies such as Broadcom, Qualcomm, to consumer electronics such as Apple , Western Digital and Samsung all the way to space companies such as Northrop Grumman , JPL, India Aerospace and governmental agencies such as FAA...
You need to check with your company however we have not had any case which has not been reimbursed . As an example employees from Western Digital, FAA(governmental Agency ) , Australian Governmental Agencies and many more have been able to get approved for employee education reimbursement .
Please refer to the table in the below link for the courses you need to take for the program
Rahsoft Radio Frequency Certificate
you can take any course you want and we will provide certificate of completion in the end of each course. We will provide you an additional Rahsoft Radio Frequency Engineering Certificate from Rahsoft upon completion of all courses . This certificate states you have taken all online courses through Rahsoft.
Although we have quizzes for most of our courses, the courses are self paced and the certificate of completion is based on completion of the entire course.
You can email and the support team will direct you to the course instructor.
This Certificate concentrates on the fundamentals of RF topics from starting with an Entry level non technical non math required course and would go through all topics step by step by defining all design characteristics needed in designing an RF system and in the end we will start working on practical designs such as LNA design. What makes our Certificate interesting is having all the RF Courses and topics available to you on demand which can not be found online all at one place. The topics are designed by getting counseling and advise from RF Engineers in the industry such as Engineers currently or previously in Qualcomm Skyworks and Broadcom.

Website General Questions

Account name can not be changed but you can change your information by selecting profile
Yes, You can do so on our website , We have Paypal and Stripe and both accept Rupees
When you select login under the login info please select the forgot password icon, You will need to provide the email connected to your account and instruction will be automatically sent to your email on resetting the password.
Yes, You can go to Profile upon completion of your course and select Certificate. Select the course you have finished and you will be provided a link to share on your resume/LinkedIn.

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