RAHRF152 Lecture Notes and Source Files: Introduction to Modulation in Communication Systems – Online Course


Welcome to the first course of R F certificate series. In this topic, we are going to explain the basic concepts of R F design in the simplest way possible. The audience for R F basic course are Electrical engineers, technicians, sails engineers and other employees of an RF related company who want to have a general idea of R F basic concepts. At the end of this course, you would have general knowledge of the fundamental topics discussed in R F industry. This course is a great crash course for people who have interviews and need to wrap up the RF topic within a few hours and become from zero knowledge to have an understanding of most topics in a general matter.

One of the most important things for us to have a most updated material needed in the industry. Ahsan Ghoncheh, our Co-Founder, and Technical Adviser consult with different RF engineers at Broadcom, Qualcomm, apple and Skyworks on building practical curriculum and topics that are needed and in demand in the industry. So instead of going academic approach, we are going to an industry approach.

I want to thank you for choosing Rahsoft and trusting us. please feel free to contact us. We are truly excited and grateful on going with you through this journey on becoming an RF expert. If you have any further questions do not hesitate to contact us.


For students who plan to enroll in the course RAHRF152, Please do not purchase this item as the course includes free coupon for access to lecture notes included in the course. 

This product is the RAHR152 Lecture Notes and Source Files for:

Introduction to Modulation in Communication Systems Online Course – RAHRF152


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